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Underwater World

As an Indonesian, I am aware that my country is an epicenter of biodiversity, hosting a greater variety of marine life than anywhere else on earth. Having bunch of dive sites throughout the archipelago, Indonesia provides many kinds of diving style to try. From challenging drift diving, extensive reef diving, amazing night diving, unique muck diving, and stunning steep walls to enjoy. This fact makes me curious of knowing more of the underwater world and decided to take a diving license to explore deeper and longer.

Story of My Journeys


Bali and Lombok are not the only underwater paradise in Indonesia. There are a lot more destinations that have different beauty to offer. East Indonesia is famous with its underwater heaven. From Karimun islands in East Java, Wakatobi islands in Celebes, Mollucas islands, Nusa Tenggara islands, until the famous Raja Ampat in West Papua islands. Not to mention, underwater of Weh island in the very west of Indonesia also surprisingly beautiful. All of them offer you the stunning underwater experience that you will never forget. Spare your time to enjoy the sea and underwater when you visit Indonesia. If you want to peep a bit of underwater beauty, take a snorkeling tour. By floating with mask and snorkel, you already can see the corals and colorful fish decorating the underwater world. If you are curious what lies down there and want to explore deeper, take a diving lesson to get a license. Or if you only have limited time, join in a Discover Scuba Diving trip. It allows you to dive up to 12 meters without holding the license. And trust me, once you get down there and see the underwater beauty, you will never see the world in the same way you see it before!


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